Welcome to the Erasmus+ project webpage “Improvements in the Management of Work Experience Placements”  (Project 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038452. 1/09/2017 – 30/11/2018)

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Our European project aims to improve the management of Improvements in the Management of Work Experience Placements, so we will analyze and evaluate the means and criteria for selecting companies, the content of the center-company agreements, etc.

As a result of the Project, a Guide of good practices for the management of the FCTs in Europe will be elaborated, and a document with political and administrative recommendations destined to the education and employment authorities to improve the quality of the FP and youth labor insertion.

Training activities in companies (WEPs) are an essential part in the European VET and Dual VET system institutions student’s learning process. These training activities are increasingly being carried out abroad (within the EU). For this reason, it is convenient to make a comparison of the different aspects involved in these training activities and how they are managed (training activity durability, kinds and contents of the agreements between companies and institutions, measures and criteria to select companies, tutor and instructor coordination, etc.) to improve them. In Europe, there is a great concern regarding young people’s unemployment rate (European average over 20%), for it is important to contrast experiences between different countries to improve VET’s functioning.

Three entities are promoting this Project, whose mission is to improve WEP management in our countries and in EU. This will contribute to increase VET’s quality and socio-educative prestige as well as the number of students that will study VET.

The three partners have distinguished profiles, but at the same time complementary, and a common interest: improving WEPs in EU.

– USIE. The Education Inspectorate is supervisor and assessor of VET institutions in the educational field, as well as interlocutor between the administration, the educative community, and the companies. Its contributions will be completed with those of the British and Italian peer Inspectors with whom USIE will be in contact through the partners.

– KAIROS is a company specialised in students that perform WEPs. It is located in the UK and looks for companies, controls the teaching-learning process, and performs student’s tutoring. For this reason, this institution is properly aware of the problems that emerge in WEPs. The entrepreneurial world will be completed with Italian and Spanish companies that will be proposed by the partners in these countries. These institutions will be visited to see WEPs’ in action and to establish relationships between them.

– SCF is a non-profit organisation in Italy that encompasses entities responsible for 94 VET centres. It works with young people that carry out their WEPs, some of them disabled, which allows them to have a differentiated experience in the matter. In the educational field it will be completed with the visit to British and Spanish VET institutions.

The associates will establish and share a common network of contacts in the education and labour market world, taking into account VET institutions.

The participating groups are from the fields of education and the labour market: education inspectors, management teams, WEP tutors, company officials, and WEP instructors of each country. The addressees of the Project and potential recipients of the Project are the aforementioned collective of people, but also political and administrative representatives and social entities (trade unions, commercial associations, Commerce Chambers…).

The Project will last for 15 months, with a previous phase and 4 development phases. 3 National Work Team (NWT) and 3 Transnational Teams plus the Coordinators (CC) each one of them with their own responsibilities, will carry out activities applying administrative agreements.

Three transnational meetings are expected together with one Training Activity (C1) in which all of the NWT will participate, as well as the selected participants by each country (representatives from the educational and labour market fields).

Throughout the Project, 30 activities will be carried out, applying the expected timeline and the Quality Plan, always respecting a multidisciplinary perspective, cooperative working, and consensual agreements.

The objectives related with the Project’s mission are directly related with the expected activities and in accordance with the designed methodology:

1st- Diagnostic, based on evidence (registers, surveys…).

2nd- Analysis of the obtained data to detect proper and mistaken practices, with the objective of elaborating a draft document with proposals that have to be compared with the educational and labour market realities. This way, we will allow an adequate feedback to obtain our final outcome.

3rd- Final outcome:

– Elaboration of a Good Practice Guide of WEP Management in Europe.

– Political and Administrative Recommendations aimed at educational and entrepreneurial authorities to improve VET’s quality and young people’s inclusion into the labour market.

The dissemination activities and the impact they have will have as recipients both members of the partners and all of the educative, entrepreneurial, political, administrative, and other social communities.

The Project’s dissemination and sustainability will be carried out by attending activities (meetings/seminars with institutions and companies, interviews hosting political and employment officials, etc.), highlighting the Final Meeting, the Project’s specific Blog and each partners’ webs and social networks.

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